via Regina Margherita 257,

73057 Taviano (Italy)


The Cacciatore group (Cacciatore House and Cacciatore Gruppolegno) is the largest center for the home, furnishings, outdoors and technologies in Salento. The innovative choices and the sale of selected products are the result of the research of a young entourage but with a great experience behind them. We offer customized facilitations for payment through AGOS financing practices.

Cacciatore House srl

Cacciatore House is a set of proposals, solutions and ideas for professionals, individuals and do-it-yourself lovers. In a structure of 2000 square meters, arranged on two levels, the hardware center features manual and electric professional tools, as well as a wide selection of screws, bolts, fittings, handles, locks and paint shop items. The self-service area and the counter for professionals are located on the ground floor, while the upper floor is used as an exhibition space for furnishing the house and garden. With its 5000 square meters of warehouses and showrooms, the store offers a wide selection of taps, handles, furnishing accessories, pergolas, gazebos, built-in appliances and accessories.

Cacciatore Gruppolegno srl

In the industrial area of ​​Taviano, there is the factory reserved for the carpentry sector and the sale of timber. Here you can find the largest assortment of materials in Southern Italy, with precious woods from our Peninsula and from foreign countries. In an area of ​​12000 square meters, of which 5000 are covered, in which there is the exhibition and storage space, home delivery and crane services are provided. The timber department offers a wide assortment of essences and represents one of the most well-stocked warehouses in all of Southern Italy.

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